What it is to be Gorean – Part 1 (Introduction)

As I always like to mention, these writings are based on a personal perspective of things (except when mentioning historical or empirical facts) and should not be taken as absolute truths or in any way as an insult just because we might have totally different perspectives on a specific topic. Don’t forget, you’re in a Gorean blog, written under a particular Gorean perspective of life.

Gorean Lifestyle / Culture is characterized by several pillars, one of them being consensual slavery. This alone is far from unique, considering that in the world many thousands of people live in some sort of consensual hierarchical relationship characterized by power exchange agreements.

There is such a broad variety of types of relationships that this in fact means there is a flavor for every taste, the BDSM community, the “general kink” community, the Gorean Community, the TPE community, and others, all practice a different variant of dominant and submissive relationship dynamics.

Over the decades, there have been many influences between several of those ‘streams’ and sometimes the lines between them become blurred, but the fact is that each has its main characteristics although in many cases disagreements are plentiful regarding the actual definitions both between ‘streams’ and many times inside the ranks themselves.

One of the points in common among many of these ‘streams’ is the existence of slaves. In the Gorean Lifestyle there are slaves and they are called Kajirae (plural for kajira). But it is extremely important to keep in mind that a kajira is a slave, but a slave is not necessarily a kajira. Likewise, a Gorean Master is a Dominant, but a Dominant is not necessarily (at all) a Gorean Master.

Considering the complexity of this topic and the amount of conflicting views that are shared all over the Web, I decided to put together a compilation of thoughts on several areas that together can help to have a clearer view/perspective of what it is in fact to be a Gorean (Master/kajira).

In my next post I will start by defining the origins and sources of the Gorean Thought / Philosophy in order to define the boundaries of the philosophy, the scope of the thought and the general guidelines.

Please follow the blog and share your comments/inputs so that I can tailor the future posts in order to answer any questions that you have or address any topic you find relevant.

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I wish you well!

©2020 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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