What it is to be Gorean – Part 5 (Master’s care)

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There is a saying that ‘behind every great man, there is a great woman’. Let me take the freedom of adapting this to Gorean terms by saying that behind every kajira there is a Gorean Master.

I say this because a Master that truly follows the Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle must have several traits that make him different from the regular Master/Dominant.

I frequently come across comments that it is not possible to live according to Gorean Principles like the fact that a kajira commits to her Master without reservations and that in Gorean Lifestyle there is no such thing as negotiations, contracts and agreements regarding soft and hard limits.

I say that it is quite possible to live according to those principles if all the persons involved (and in particular the Master) truly follow the Gorean Philosophy.

There are some topics I’ll address in more detail in future posts, but regarding the Gorean Master I must highlight the following mandatory traits:

  • Honor
  • Care for His property

You can read more about Honor in the post Introduction to Honor.

Yes, although the Masters will is absolute, it is tempered with care and consideration for his property.

In Gorean Lifestyle, no Master will cause irreparable damage to his property or inflict upon the kajira unnecessary or gratuitous suffering for his own amusement (I won’t get into the “sadism” topic for now because that will be addressed in a future post).

Let’s say that the relationship between a Gorean Master and a kajira is a two-way street. The kajira must fully devote herself to the Master without limits or restrictions, and the Master must focus not exclusively on his own needs and desires, but on caring for his property, on making sure she has all the conditions to serve him pleasingly, but much more than that! The Gorean Master concerns himself with the development of his property, tries to understand what makes the kajira ‘tick’ and indirectly does all that is within his grasp for her to blossom her femininity and become her best self!

It is a guiding line in the stories, that a Gorean Master truly likes to understand how the kajira thinks and gets to know his property in a much deeper level than any “earth man” ever gets to know his wife.

I borrowed the following excerpt from a text that I believe describes quite well this:

The Gorean Master

The Master is a strong man, a dominant man. He is sure of himself, confident in his place in society and in His Homestone. He cherishes females, revels by their presence. He is giving, caring, loving and understanding. When the Master takes on the responsibility of owning a kajira, He discovers her, learns to know her inside and out, and slowly possesses her. He gently pushes her, always ready to show her that she is strong, that her limits are not what she believes them to be, that she can be taken farther. In this, the Master reveals to the kajira her own confidence, her own levels of self esteem, and all the beauty that she holds within.

As the Master learns his new kajira, an understanding takes place. He senses her desires, her needs, her passions. With this new knowledge, the Master takes care of the kajira, always giving what the kajira needs, but not necessarily what she presumes she needs, or thinks she wants.

It is the Master’s responsibility to care for, protect and love his kajira. If she is sick, he will see that she is cared for. If she is exhausted, he will allow her to rest, stroking her hair as she does so. If she is scared, he will comfort her. If she needs affection, he will hold her. These things, he does willingly, because he knows her and loves her (although few Masters will ever admit this to their kajirae). He understands her as no one else does. He has seen into her soul, and held it in his hand. Her mind is his, to read, to know. Her body is his to feel, and enjoy. Her heart is his to caress, and she becomes his true possession.

The Master does not take away the kajira’s identity, but allows her to grow into her own being, her own likeness. Her commitment to her Master is not a vehicle of punishment or hatred, but one of love and development. The kajira is given the room to come into her own, under her Master’s care, like a flower that flourishes under the sun’s warmth, the kajira radiates from his love and devotion. She becomes a rose; a beautiful being that knows she is loved and cared for.

There is the profile of a Master: strong, able, confident, loving, caring, encouraging, and gentle. “What about punishment and discipline?” you may be asking. Punishment is handed out lovingly yet firmly. The Master should not punish out of anger, there is no place for anger with punishment. The Master should discipline only for the sake of teaching. Punishment and discipline need not be physical: it can be psychological It is not done out of harshness or hostility, it is done out of love and forgiveness, although strict and demanding.

The Gorean kajira

The kajira is a woman, firm in her femininity, strong in her commitment, and solid in her spirit. she offers herself to her Master freely, of her own choosing. The kajira gives the gift of her slavery in exchange for his protection, care and love. she is obedient because she chooses to be, not because she is forced to be. her first priority is pleasing her Master. she willingly does whatever he asks in order to meet his desires.

The kajira comes to her Master unsure of her place in her Master’s world. With His guidance, she quickly learns what is expected of her. With this learning, she begins to give more and more of her self, of her mind, of her body, of her spirit, and of her soul, until she has given her all to her Master. There is no power given up, no control taken away. The kajira is intelligent, and strong. she has a spirit that is worthy of serving her Master as a slave, and learns to focus her spirit and her energy only in those direction which are pleasing to her Master. An immense measure of trust is built between the two, and the highest levels of respect are earned as well: The kajira must trust her Master completely in order to give him so much of herself and the Master must trust the kajira in order for him to accept it.

The “Training” of the kajira is the journey or the process of learning what the Master desires. Some of this journey is met with joy and happiness for both, but like any worthwhile journey, there are also times when the road is rough and long. These are the times when the Master’s strength and the kajira’s strength are needed the most. The Master does not travel this road out of a sense of cruelty or for a desire to beat his kajira, nor does the kajira travel this road out of fear of beatings, or of being caste from her Master’s Homestone, she does these things because she wants to: she aims to please her Master in all ways possible, because of her love and commitment to her Master, and He because of His love and commitment to her. Even the most “bratty” female comes to know just what is expected of her and what her Master’s needs are, and will strive to meet His every expectation of her. her spirit may in play push her Master just so far, but to exceed that limit would be to displease her Master, something a true kajira will always attempt to avoid. And even the most strict of all Masters will make certain His kajira knows what is expected of her at all times.

The kajira seemingly has no responsibilities, no thoughts of her own, and to many are seen as less than human, but a deeper observation shows otherwise. It could be said, and has been said by many, that the Master holds all the responsibilities; however, many of the kajira’s responsibilities are subtle enough to be overlooked. It is said on Gor that her only responsibility is to please her Master. This is a simple statement that holds so much importance, and so much more than it might seem at first. Pleasing a true Gorean Master is not easy, nor is it meant to be.

A Master will not only push the limits of His kajira like often happens in the BDSM arena, but will delve into her world, and love her enough to show her all she can be there as well. Opening this part of her life, and soul is often more than the average submissive is willing to do. But, if it was easy, all submissives would be kajira.

Very few submissives have the strength or commitment to serving with such intensity. This intensity comes from the amount of faith the kajira has in her Master. she must believe and trust that what he does is for her own good and never question his motives. If he orders her to do something she will do so happily, and without embarrassment, because that is what her Master wants. The kajira will not harbor any resentments or guilt from this action, and trusts that her Master knows what is best for them B/both. The kajira learns to never anticipate her Master’s actions or desires, but she may ask if he does desire a particular action or item before she does it or retrieves it for him.

The Master, on the other hand, must always be certain that what He is ordering is truly what is best for His kajira and that He is not demanding more from her than she can give, or working to destroy His prized possession with ego driven desires.

Even though a Master has the right to treat His kajira any way He wants, if He wishes to be honored and respected by Others, and keep His slave(s), He will treat each of them as an honorable Man.

Although many do not understand and accept the Gorean lifestyle, and claim that it is based on books that are not reality, for those who have taken the time to learn and understand this way of life, being kajira is a wonderful role to live with the right Master.

With him, she will grow emotionally and spiritually into her soul. she will become what she is deep within, and learn to love freely and unconditionally. The Master also becomes the man he feels within his soul and the two will share a journey that will take them out of the realms and limits of any society and into the timeless dimensions of the Multiverse.”

Much more could be said, but after this amazing text, I’ll keep all other comments to future posts because all that needs to be said is that Gorean Masters are not egoist or egocentric. A kajira serves unconditionally and a Gorean Master cares compassionately!

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I wish you well!

©2020 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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