What it is to be Gorean – Part 7 (“Communal” Slavery)

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In this series of articles I’ve been focusing on the key points that allow us to understand what it really means to follow the Gorean Lifestyle and Philosophy, often drawing some lines between Goreans and other Philosophies/cultures. Keep in mind that this does not mean in any way that the former are better than the latter, just that we are all different and it is crucial to keep that in mind. There is no problem if GOR is not for you, it’s just better to understand that and look for what fits you best than trying to “twist” both you and the philosophy, resulting in a never-satisfying hybrid adaptation both of the Philosophy and your nature.

With this in mind, it’s important to analyse another aspect of the Gorean Philosophy that often is not correctly understood and results in a lot of controversy. For Goreans, the slavery of a kajira is inherently communal.

This means that if a female is a kajira, she is always that (remember Gorean Lifestyle and Philosophy are lived 24/7), and not only occasionally. On top of that, she owes respect and obedience to all Masters, and not exclusively to her owner. In Gorean Lifestyle we cannot find a slave being submissive to her Master in one minute, but in the following minute talking arrogantly to another Master (a.k.a. “bitch-slapping”) just because “he doesn’t own her”.

This Principle is well explained in the following quote:

“The discipline of a slave may be attended to by any Free Person, otherwise she might do much what she wished, provided only her Master did not learn of it. The legal principle is clear, and has been upheld in several courts, in several cities, including Ar.”

Magician of Gor, Page 122

Or for example this additional quote:

“You cannot punish me!” she cried. “You are not my Masters!”

“Any Free Person can punish an errant slave girl,” I said.

“Surely you do not think that her behaviour fails to be subject to supervision and correction as soon as she is out of her Master’s sight?”

Magician of Gor, Page 225

So, the “Principle” in Gorean Philosophy is clear and a kajira is subject to the authority and discipline of any Master and this is also a way to ensure that she does not have dual behaviours depending on her Master being present or not.

But we must draw a clear line in the difference between the communal enforcement of obedience on one hand and on the other hand being communal property, subject to the wills and desires of any Master, which in fact are two very different things.

Just because any Master (or even in some cases other slaves) has the possibility (and responsibility) to enforce the obedience of the kajira to the rules that are upon her, this does not mean that any Master can use any slave girl as he well pleases. Take this quote as an example:

“What have we here!” cried a man cheerfully. “Slaves!” cried others.

“Hold,” said I. “We are honest men, and are not thieves. Release them.”

The man loosed the hair of the girls. Swiftly they knelt, frightened.

“These girls,” said I, “belong to Imnak.”

“He is a red hunter,” said a man.

“He is one with us,” I said.

There was an angry cry.

I drew my blade. “None may use them without his permission” I said. “I shall maintain discipline, if need be, my comrades, by the blade.”

Beasts of Gor, Page 387

So, considering this apparent dichotomy, where do we stand? Can any Master command any slave or not?

The answer is twofold, both yes and no. Yes, a kajira owes obedience to any Master, but a Master can only command a kajira that he does not own within the boundaries of what is explicitly or implicitly permitted by her Master.

Explicit permission might be frequent in close communities where Masters know each other well and it is clear how each Master allows other Masters to treat/use his property with very detailed notions of what is appropriate or not in different situations.

Implicit permission is more “broad”, meaning it is applied only in the generic aspects of behaviour a kajira must demonstrate in the presence of a Master. If a kajira misbehaves and unless there are explicit instructions from her Master on how she must be dealt, other Masters might scold her, but do not take direct disciplinary action, making sure that her Master is informed and can take direct action.

There is a common convention within Gorean Communities on Earth that the commands that are given to kajirae by other Masters are restricted to “common chores” like serving them in gatherings, showing respect, etc., etc.. Anything that goes beyond that (particularly if it has any kind of sexual connotation) must be explicitly allowed by her Master.

We must also keep in mind that although a kajira owes obedience and respect to all Masters, her primary and irrevocable submission is to “her Master”. Therefore, if any command is given that contradicts has Master’s will, she must politely and respectfully inform that she cannot perform that action because her Master does not allow it. If the other Master is truly Gorean he will not try to force her, but most surely will inform her Master of the event to confirm if she was being deceitful (and no mercy will be shown to the slave being caught in wrongful use of her Master’s name).

If, by any chance, another “Master” insists in wanting the kajira to violate her Master’s will (showing that he does not effectively follow the Gorean Philosophy), then that clearly is a conflict and the kajira must actively refuse to obey, protecting her Master’s property and following his will!

The “rule of thumb” therefore is:

  • The kajira is the property of her Master and only His will is sovereign over her;
  • The kajira must strive to be respectful and obedient to all other Masters;
  • All Masters have power to command a kajira within the boundaries of what is acceptable in the community and what is explicitly allowed by her Master;
  • If any conflict arises, the kajira must kindly and respectfully inform that the command violates the will of her Master and that therefore, according to her Master’s will, she cannot obey it;
  • If the conflict persists, the kajira must actively take all necessary measures to escape the actions that are being forced upon her against has Master’s will.

On a very personal note, I usually say to my First Girl that if a male (in these situations I do not call them Masters because by their actions they fail to respect the Honor that is paramount to any true Gorean Master) insists in not respecting my will, then he looses the right to be respected but nonetheless she must strive to decline politely and never be disrespectful (because her actions are always reflected on her Master’s Honor). If by any event any male is crazy enough to try to get physical on her violating my will, she is authorised to use all means necessary (I’ve taught her Krav Maga and she is very good at it, which makes this quite simple) to protect herself and enforce my will!

Gladly this never happened and I want to think it never will, so she gladly always acts like the good kajira she is, respectfully treating all men as the Masters they inherently are (unless proven otherwise by their actions).

In order to continuously improve these articles, help me address the topics that are important to you and be of use to all those that are interested in learning more about the Gorean Lifestyle and Philosophy, as always, feel free to share, comment and send me your feedback.

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One Comment on “What it is to be Gorean – Part 7 (“Communal” Slavery)

  1. Tal Phoenix.
    A very good article on honors. I agree that codes of honor and property rights exist in our Gorean community.
    As a community grows in experience and agreements, much and specific rights may be granted between Masters regarding their kajirae. I find this to be most interesting and natural as a bond forms within our community.


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