What it is to be Gorean – Part 6 (Consensual Slavery)

Tal everyone,

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One of the topics I am approached with often is the fact that in Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle, the kajirae devote themselves in a total, absolute and uncompromising way to their Masters.

Differently from what is usual in other “cultures” where there is a lot of negotiation, hard and soft limits, contracts, etc., in the Gorean Lifestyle the kajira submits entirely to her Master. As was already explained in the previous posts, this is done in a gradual way, where the trust is built one experience at a time.

With this in mind, I intend to state clearly that although absolute, slavery must always be consensual!

Consensual slavery should also be understood as distinct from imagery often associated with the BDSM community. While there is considerable overlap between those who practice sexual bondage, sadomasochistic activities, and consensual long-term power-exchange relationships (whether Master/kajira or Dominant/submissive), one does not in any way imply another. There are many people, in the Gorean community and otherwise, that practice consensual lifestyle Master/slave relationships but do not engage in any sexual bondage or sadomasochistic play (I’ll get into the “sadism” topic in a future post).

The key attribute of “lifestyle M/k” that differentiates it from “modern slavery” is the continued active consent of all involved parties. Claims that a person cannot consent to a relationship in which they are the submissive or servile partner without it being abuse are, quite simply, ignorant bigotry.

So, in order to try to summarise what defines the consensual slavery in Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle, here are some points:

  • Gorean Lifestyle slavery cannot be forced upon anyone.
    • Yes, this is the first point that must be made clear. It depends entirely on the kajira to devote herself to her Master. That is quite different from what happens in the books, but we live on Earth and this is a blog about life according the “Gorean Lifestyle” and its principles. On Earth, females cannot be abducted, enslaved against their will and be “taught by the whip” to embrace and welcome their slavery and anyone who tries to do that has nothing to do with the Gorean Philosophy (but surely suffers from serious issues);
    • We live integrated in a society and this is one of the “hard-rules” that cannot be crossed. Goreans say that “a kajira has no will” and in fact that is one of the main points in the absolute surrender to the power of the Master, but she must enter such an absolute commitment by her own choice!
  • Gorean Lifestyle slavery is 24/7
    • Gorean Lifestyle is quite different from “role-playing” games or from most BDSM cultures where those that follow it devote certain periods of time (“sessions”) to it and then return to their “daily life” in the remaining time;
    • Therefore, the “role” you have in the Gorean Lifestyle is part of who you are, and not something according to which you occasionally “act”. The kajira therefore must endeavour to act like the kajira she is in all situations (I’ll get into more detail regarding this point in a future post about the communal perspective of Gorean Lifestyle slavery);
  • Gorean Lifestyle slavery is not on a sliding scale
    • In the BDSM community it is common to have a wide range of relationship dynamics that use the terms “Dom and sub” or “Master and slave” (or many other variations like Daddy/girl, Owner/pet, etc.), and there is a wide range of interpretations of the meaning of each of those and the degree of control involved in the relationship. It is so fluid that in practice the terms are often utterly meaningless as a form of communication because they might have very different and often interchangeable meanings/interpretations.
    • Gorean slavery is considerably more uniform (although not entirely by any means), and is an inherently total relationship. If a part of the slave’s life is unregulated by her master (as is frequently the case), it is only because he has not chosen to regulate it, not because he would not have the right to do so should he desire it.

As I pointed out in the previous post Master’s care, it is the responsibility of the Master to always look after the well being of His property, and his utmost responsibility to ensure he never gives her any command that in fact is contrary to her well being or take any action that might cause her irreparable damage (either physical or psychological). On the other hand, it is the kajira’s role to entirely submit to her Master’s command and will, trusting Him to always look after her well being.

Being founded on TRUST and backed by the Master’s HONOR, the true 24/7 Master/kajira relationship is built and strengthened over time, needing no contracts, rules or limits to be defined.

If, at any moment, the Master stops following the Gorean Philosophy and his desires go against the kajira’s well being, then that means he stoped acting as a Gorean Master and (as we live on Earth under Earth Society’s laws and rules), the kajira can follow her own separate path on a quest to find a true Gorean Master at whose feet she can truly, fully and consensually submit her life.

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To all those that enjoy reading long texts, I highly recommend the article written by Marcus of Ar regarding Being Goreans on Earth that you can find here.

I wish you well!

©2020 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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