The worthiness / worthlessness of a slave

I’ve lost count on the overwhelming amount of times I have heard a kajira ramble about how miserable she is and stating her ‘shortcomings’ as facts that she is not worthy of serving her Master, so I’ve decided to share some thoughts on this subject!

Today, while discussing about Gorean topics, a friend remembered a quote I love:

Ute had informed me, though I had been aware of such things before, even on Earth, that the most desirable women are not always those of incredible beauty. Desirability is a function of many factors, many of them subtle. Goreans believe, or many of them do, that each woman carries a slave within themselves, but that the slave in some is more desperate for her release than in others. It is said that some slavers, standing before a captured, stripped free woman, can make this determination. They take her by the arms and command her to look into their eyes; then, if she is ready, so soon, in her eyes, frightened and tear-filled, they can see the slave longing for her collar, begging for it. In any event, it is obvious that some of the most desirable of slaves, loving, needful and devoted, helplessly responsive to a master’s least touch, are not those who might be chosen for the purposes of display, perhaps in a pleasure garden or on a silver neckchain bolted to a palanquin. Many an angry young man of modest means returns, disappointed and frustrated, from the market, leading home on his tether the most that he can afford, an item of what he takes to be second-rate merchandise; but he discovers, perhaps after introducing her to the house, and tying her and giving her the customary ceremonial beating that she may know herself slave there, something surprising; released, she crawls to his feet and covers them, and his legs, with kisses, and then, holding his legs timidly, she looks up into his eyes, her own tear-filled; and, startled, he sees suddenly at his feet something priceless, that fortune is his, that in the lotteries of the market he has been unaccountably victorious; at his feet there kneels a slave of slaves, one who may become to him, in time, even a love slave.

Captive of Gor

What are a slave’s characteristics (and sometimes physical limitations) is one thing, but what she does with what she has is something entirely different!!! So stop comparing yourself with all other kajirae trying to find where they are better than yourself, and focus on looking inward, and focusing on how you can improve!!!

Ok, you can’t be on your knees for extended periods of time (keep in mind that in GOR the gravity is much lower and it is physically impossible to fully replicate on Earth the flawless kneeling for hours if necessary), you can’t be the most perfect of all the kajirae on the universe and you’re always going to find something someone else does better than you or something you consider yourself lacking…

SO WHAT? Yes, that’s what I said: SO WHAT?

A kajira will never be perfect! It’s not a matter of reaching the holly grail of servitude, it’s all about living a life of continuous improvement and focusing on the present moment and not on what might, eventually, who knows, possibly be considered a shortcoming!

Girls, let me tell you something, all the seconds you spend dwelling on “perceived problems” it’s a second you waste digging the hole you’re already in, and making it all that harder to get out!!!

You know what is the first rule of action to take when you find yourself on a hole? STOP DIGGING!!!

Yes, it’s good not to get relaxed and to be alert to any shortcomings! But that is to “acquire the target”, to identify something that is not right, in order to engage in actions to overcome it!

First of all, there is a difference between being alert to possible problems and actually going on crusades trying to find things in you that you can somehow criticise!

Second of all, considering that the “raw material” inherently will have flaws, the most important thing for a Master is how a kajira plays the cards that life dealt her! As the quote above, some perfectly “plain looking” girls turn out to be absolutely ravishing in the furs and in life! Not because of their physical attributes, but of their “mindset”, of their absolute surrender and committal to unrestrained devotion to live in that moment and extract all the magnificent sensation from each instant!

Get one thing in your head (or at least try to), a slave is worthless in itself and her only value is how the Master values her!

As a free woman I had been priceless, and thus, in a sense, without value, or worthless. As a slave, on the other hand, I did have a value, a specific value, depending on what men were willing to pay for me.

Dancer of Gor

Don’t dwell on the past and don’t suffer in advance regarding future possible shortcomings! Live in the moment, live in the present! In each moment, try to be the best version of yourself!

If any insecurity or dark thought creeps into your mind, feel the whip of the Master in your skin and exorcise those thoughts from your mind! It’s not up to you to judge how worthy you are, you must live fulfilled in the present moment, being as pleasant as humanly possible.

I know that the female nature is intricate and complex and that the conditioning imposed by the society we live in is overwhelming in many aspects! But if I can give any advice today, this is it: If you are at the feet of a Master is because you were found of some value, so revel in it and try in each moment to be the most pleasant property, perfectly and abjectly devoted to the present moment and finding ways to be the best version of yourself in the little actions that you perform! Leave the rest in the hand of the Master and you will see your servitude and fulfilment blossom each day!

I wish you well!

©2020 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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