The Principles of Gorean Thought – A Primer

Marcus of AR is a well known writer regarding the lifestyle of Gor and it’s philosophy!

On the ongoing process of making available several of his amazing texts, I decided to organise this wonderful work: “The Principles of Gorean Thought”, divided into several sections for easier read:

  1. The Three Essential Gorean Virtues
  2. The First Underlying Principle of Gorean Perception
  3. The Gorean Argument
  4. The Ten Irrefutable Dicta of the Gorean Philosophy
  5. The Gorean Theory
  6. The Gorean Philosophy
  7. Ideal Qualities in a Gorean Male
  8. Gorean Beliefs and a Definition of the Gorean Character

This is another collection of amazing texts and information, directly focused to help us all understand better our nature and the truth about the Gorean Lifestyle and the Natural Order.

I wish you well!

©2020 by Azrael Phoenix

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