The Principles of Gorean Thought – Part III

This is part of the work on the Principles of Gorean Thought – A Primer

3) The Gorean Argument

3a) Men and women are not identical. In fact, the two sexes are almost completely different in every way. They look different, think different, act different, feel different, and respond to two completely different emotional response-systems. Each sex has its own preprogramed agenda, its own requirements for personal fulfilment, and its own methods of communicating. This difference between the two sexes has its roots in the basic biology of the human race, a biology which has been shaped through evolution to predispose each sex toward certain behavior and emotional conditions. According to Norman (and medical science), no single cell of a male’s body is identical to any single cell of a female’s body (except for small quantities of clear serum).

3b) Human males are biologically predisposed toward physical dominance over human females, who are, on the average, physically smaller and less strong than their male counterparts.

3c) The process of evolution has naturally selected for strong, competitive males and females who were both desirable to such men, and who were in turn attracted to such men.

3d) The vestiges of countless millennia of this selection process still exist within each of us, and we are all therefore subject to emotional needs and instinctive drives which our present society does not provide for.

3e) Since males and females all seem to be subject to certain drives and needs which were bred into them during a period of time when women were effectively within the physical power of men, doesn’t it make sense that if that situation were recreated somehow, then the two sexes might attain a specific degree of fulfilment which would otherwise be denied to them? Wouldn’t they then be accepting a part of their own inherent nature rather than denying it?

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