The Principles of Gorean Thought – Part IV

This is part of the work on the Principles of Gorean Thought – A Primer

4) The Ten Irrefutable Dicta of the Gorean Philosophy

The following is a list of the ten primary dicta, or explanatory statements, of the “Gorean Philosophy,” as I see it. You will note there is no reference to the practice of slavery among them. That is because the practice of slavery is not a primary pillar of the Gorean philosophy; rather it is a social practice which has come into being on Gor as a result of specific technological limitations, Gorean economic imperatives, and the persistent adherence of Goreans to the basic concepts explained below.

Nor is the word “honour” used. That is because honour is also a concept and practice which has developed among the Goreans as a result of the application of the dicta below, notably the fifth and sixth dictums.

I add that, to the typical inhabitant of the world of Gor, the concepts expressed below would be so self-evident they wouldn’t even bother to name or define them at all. They would simply practice them, as the Gor books tell us they do. The “Ten Dicta” below have been compiled purely for the benefit of the inhabitants of Earth, who, bereft of the supporting mechanism of Gorean society, are left to fumble through the murky landscape of Earth, attempting to find such rules and concepts to use as guideposts as they attempt to glean the truths of Gorean existence for themselves.

Please note that accepting these dicta do not automatically make one “Gorean.” There are, undoubtedly, quite a few people out there who do accept these concepts in some way, shape or form, who have never even heard of “Gor” and who have no idea that the Gorean Philosophy even exists. Also, one might embrace these dicta while refusing to acknowledge the other elements which combine to comprise the Gorean Philosophy in its entirety, in which case, again, one is not getting the whole picture. However, in my opinion, the refusal to accept and embrace the dicta listed below DO make a person absolutely NOT Gorean.

So, if one wishes to be Gorean, or to understand what it means to be Gorean, one might do well to examine the ideas expressed below and decide whether or not one agrees with them.

All of the concepts below, with the exception of the tenth, are distilled almost directly from the words of Tarl Cabot, in his description of the manner in which Goreans think. The tenth one is simply and categorically self-evident.

The First Dictum

We are all creatures formed from nature, and are therefore subject to the truths of what it has made of us. This cannot be denied.

The Second Dictum

We are all part of our world, and the natural forces which made it. We are not apart from it, nor are we above it, nor can we deny its power over us. It is folly to attempt to change what cannot be changed, or to refuse to acknowledge the power which nature has over us. This cannot be denied.

The Third Dictum

The two sexes, male and female, are equal parts of the same great whole which is the human race. Equal, but separate, each bound to perform the function which it has evolved into through the course of time. This cannot be denied.

The Fourth Dictum

The greatest division which exists between human beings is the division of sex. Race, creed, nationality… all pale to insignificance when compared to the difference between the two sexes. This cannot be denied.

The Fifth Dictum

The highest devotion is the devotion to truth. The most beneficial acceptance is the acceptance of what is true. The most foolish and damaging act one can perform is the denial of what is true. Such denial is the wellspring from which the ravages of discontent emerge. This cannot be denied.

The Sixth Dictum

Conflict, argument, and clannishness are all fundamental parts of our human nature. Left to their own devices, such things result in stagnation and destruction. But when understood and harnessed in the service of the greater good, they can be a positive force for personal growth and development. This cannot be denied.

The Seventh Dictum

In matters of physical strength, the human male is naturally equipped by nature to function at a higher level of efficiency than the human female. In matters of emotional sensitivity and the innate desire to care for and nurture those she loves, the human female is naturally equipped by nature to function at a higher level of efficiency than the human male. The human male is programmed to protect and direct his female counterparts. The human female is programmed to aid and care for her male counterparts. The members of each sex are more fulfilled when they accept their own nature, rather than denying it. This cannot be denied.

The Eighth Dictum

All creatures will naturally behave according to their inherent nature. To do otherwise is the first step toward emotional and biological suicide. This cannot be denied.

The Ninth Dictum

Human society, like the natural order, will naturally structure itself along certain lines of precedence. The stronger and more able elements of human society will naturally rise to a position of superiority over the less dominant elements of society. The protectors and providers will naturally protect and provide, and the nurturers and care givers will naturally nurture and give care. Any artificial manipulation of the natural structure of a society, which is not according to its natural propensities, will eventually result in a society which is far less efficient and fulfilling than its natural counterpart. This cannot be denied.

The Tenth Dictum

The Gorean societal model is based upon specific guidelines set forth by John Norman in the books which he authored regarding the fictional planet Gor. Unless it conforms to, or agrees with, those basic guidelines, a thing cannot be considered “Gorean” in any sense of the word. This cannot be denied.

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