Current List of Books in the Gorean Saga

This is the updated list of the Gorean Saga Books, with link for their purchase: 1 - Tarnsman of Gor2 - Outlaw of Gor3 - Priest-Kings of Gor4 - Nomads of Gor5 - Assassin of Gor6 - Raiders of Gor7 - Captive of Gor8 - Hunters of Gor9 - Marauders of Gor10 - Tribesmen of… Continue reading Current List of Books in the Gorean Saga

Who is John Norman?

John Lange was born in Chicago, Illinois, to John Frederick Lange and Almyra D. Lange (née Taylor). He began his academic career in the early 1950s, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska in 1953, and his Master of Arts degree from the University of Southern California in 1957. While at USC he married Bernice… Continue reading Who is John Norman?

Before Dwelling into GOR

I believe that before entering into much detail about the concepts and organization of the Gorean Philosophy, Novels and Lifestyle, it is important to understand some basics. Most important of all, get to know some information about the author of the Novels, the inspiration for the philosopy and how it is being applied by many… Continue reading Before Dwelling into GOR

Gorean Lifestyle – The Journey Begins

I discovered the concepts of Gorean Philosophy some years ago and since then, started a path of discovery and self-awareness, learning about the Natural Order while deepening the study of philosophy and the mechanics of the human brain. This site is another step in that path, searching for knowledge, organizing ideas and information and finding… Continue reading Gorean Lifestyle – The Journey Begins