The Principles of Gorean Thought – Part V

This is part of the work on the Principles of Gorean Thought – A Primer

5) The Gorean Theory

The Gorean Theory is the belief that modern Homo Sapiens has inherited certain genetic propensities from the ancestral past, and that these genetic propensities still actively manifest themselves in numerous areas of human behaviour, often in direct opposition to cultural restrictions and behavioural management systems which fail to take them into account. These propensities translate into behaviours which result in a certain measurable cause and effect relationship in regards to many elements of human interaction, notably male/male competition behaviours and both male and female sexual reproductive strategies.

Ergo, by gaining a greater understanding of those genetic propensities and by acting, where possible, in a manner through which those propensities are fulfilled rather than repressed, one might reasonably expect to reduce stress-causing confusion issues in one’s life and live in a more fulfilled and personally satisfactory manner.

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