Second Obeisance Position

The Second Obeisance Position is directly referred for the first time only in book 27 and appeared frequently in other books since then. This position is also sometimes referred as “belly” because in fact the slave lies on her belly.

In the books the commands used are “Second Obeisance” and “on your belly”.

It can be considered as a continuation of the 1st Obeisance Position, from which the girl extends herself lying in the floor with the legs spread and the hands at the sides of her head.

After reaching this position, the slave may (if her Master wishes/allows) “crawl on her belly” to the feet of the Master in order to kiss and lick them.

One alternative belly position (but not to be confused with 2nd Obeisance Position) is for the kajira to lie on her stomach with her hands at her sides and the palms of her hands facing upwards; her head is often turned to the left and/or legs spread.

The command “bara” is similar but only in the fact that the slave lies on the floor, because it differs totally in the positioning of her hands and legs.

©2020 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

Relevant Quotes:

“On your belly,” he said.
I then went to my belly, and crawled to him. When I
reached him I kissed his feet.

Captive of Gor Book 7 Page 224

“On your belly,” said the merchant.
She did so. At his feet, unbidden, she pressed her lips to
his slippers. “Keep me, Hassan,” she begged.

Tribesmen of Gor Book 10 Page 258

“On your belly,” I told her.
Swiftly she fell to her belly on the tiles before me, her
hands at the sides of her head.

Guardsmen of Gor Book 16 Page 347

“Second obeisance position,” he said.
Ellen went prone, before him, her hands at the sides of her head.

Prize of Gor     Book 27     Page 191

“Return me to my master!” she cried, putting herself to her belly, pleading, in second obeisance position, before Targo.

Prize of Gor     Book 27     Page 226

The usual second obeisance position has the slave go to her belly, her hands on either side of her head.

Swordsmen of Gor     Book 29     Page 195

“Now,” I said, “to second obeisance position.”
“Please,” she protested, her head to the deck.
“Must a command be repeated?” I inquired.
“No!” she said.
The repetition of a command is often a cause for discipline, and she was well aware of what that might involve.
She was now on her belly before me, her hands at the sides of her head.

Mariners of Gor     Book 30     Page 153

It was also noted that now, before Pani warriors, they did not kneel, but prostrated themselves, putting themselves instantly, trembling, to second obeisance position, prone, hands to the sides of their head, eyes to the ground.

Mariners of Gor     Book 30     Page 421

“Second obeisance position,” he said.
Instantly I went to the second obeisance position. I did not wish to be again physically chastised for hesitation in responding to a free man’s command. I now lay on my belly, prostrate before him. My hands were at the sides of my head, palms down.

Quarry of Gor     Book 35     Pages 223 – 224

©2020 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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