Warrior Caste – Sayings of the Warriors

Since the saga of the Books of GOR have started back in 1966 many texts have already been written and many persons have spent countless hours studying and sharing information to help others understand better what is GOR.

One of these persons is known as “Ubar Luther” who wrote a series of papers (most seem to be over 15 to 20 years old, but still very up-to-date in many topics) called the “Luther’s Gorean Educational Scrolls” that are still available in Gor-Now.net. I have tried to reach Luther for some time and the contact links seem not to be working, but will keep a look and hope he one day resumes his magnificent writing!

I’m going to share the information of his scroll regarding the Warrior Caste, dividing it into three Posts:

Warrior Sayings

There are also sayings of the warriors which may or may not be actual parts of the codes but which are commonly followed. 

“The bite of the ost to be one of the cruelest ways to die.”  

Outlaw of Gor, p.118

“Be strong and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits.”  

Marauders of Gor, p.10

“A warrior takes what he wishes.”  

Outlaw of Gor, p.28

“I am of the Warriors. I will take by the sword what women please me.”  

Beasts of Gor, p.348

“Steel is the coinage of the warrior. With it he purchases what pleases him.”

Marauders of Gor, p.10

“Within the circle of each man’s sword, therein is each man a Ubar.”  

Marauders of Gor, p.10

“Until you find (someone or something), your companion is peril and steel.” 

Priest Kings of Gor, p.307 and Nomads of Gor, p.287

“A sword must drink until its thirst is satisfied.”  

Guardsman of Gor, p.17

“Where weapons may not be carried, it is well to carry weapons.”  

Marauders of Gor, p.41

“Did he think that the color of a fellow’s garments was what made him a warrior? Surely he must realize that one not of the warriors might affect the scarlet, and that one who wore the grimed gray of a peasant, one barefoot, and armed only with the great staff, might be of the scarlet caste. It is not the uniform which makes the warrior, the soldier.”  

Magicians of Gor, p.129

“There are no mere points of honor.”  

Vagabonds of Gor, p.63

“Tears are not unbecoming to the soldier The soldier is a man of deep passions, and emotion. Many men cannot even understand his depths. Do not fear your currents and your powers. In the soldier are flowers and storms. Each is a part of him, and each is real. Accept both. Deny neither.”  

Guardsman of Gor, p.238

“No one can take the scarlet from you, once it is granted, unless it be by the sword.”  

Tribesman of Gor, p.218

“There is no incompatibility between letters and arms. The greatest soldiers are often gifted men.”  

Mercenaries of Gor, p.48

“Many are the causes of Gor and so too, many are the captains. Many captains choose their causes on the scales of merchants, weighing their iron against gold.” 

Mercenaries of Gor, p.48

“Steel can always command a price.”  

Explorers of Gor, p.86

“Causes exist that men may fight.”  

Guardsman of Gor, p.16

“War is a perilous and exhilarating sport, a game of warriors and Ubars.”  

Vagabonds of Gor, p.18

“It is no dishonor to surrender.”  

Beasts of Gor, p.421

“There is a time and place for speaking, as there is a time and place for steel.”  

Slave Girl of Gor, p.269

“Not everyone who is of the Warriors knows that he is of the Warriors.”  

Rogue of Gor, p.317

“Is it not a paradox? Men need us in order to bring about a world in which we may be scorned and disregarded ..Men seldom recall whom it was who brought them the fruits of victory.”  

Beasts of Gor, p.31

“I had heard warriors say that they would rather be poisoned by a woman than slain by an arrow.”  

Raiders of Gor, p.4

“The steel, as is often the case, had seemed to think for itself.”  

Savages of Gor, p.92

“The cynical, mercantile mind will never understand the mind of the soldier.”  

Explorers of Gor, p.229

Written by “Ubar Luther” in Gor-Now.net

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