Gorean Feminism


Written in 1996, last reviewed in 2006

As far as feminism goes… I have no problem with it.

I have no problem with anything that advocates gain or awards based on meritocracy. So long as it’s both logical, and fair.

The purpose of Gorean Philosophy is to make people free and great. So naturally I support things that do that.

I only have a problem with the way the feminist movement was hijacked by hyper-reactionary second stage gender feminists in the late 1960’s and 1970’s, until the professed public agenda of the feminist movement began to damage both the feminist cause, and to push a severely misandrist point of view.

Apparently I’m not alone. The rabid gender-feminists have lost most of their political influence in the past few decades, due no doubt to their insistence that society be deconstructed and rebuilt minus the existence of males. Or with legal controls over males so draconian that no one in their right mind would accede to them.

If one rejects the definition of “feminist” as being “one who supports militant radical feminist dogma” and instead takes the word to mean “one who is devoted to the best interests of females” then that word can even apply to Gorean females, in the correct context.

There are Gorean feminists– free Gorean women who strive ceaselessly to improve the health and well being of women within their society.

There are even Gorean slave feminists– self-enslaved Gorean women who strive ceaselessly to improve the health and well being of women in their society, whenever and however they can. In a way, having the courage to stand up to Earth-based social codes and insisting upon being allowed the choice of female service is PURELY feminist. It is a conscious attempt by a woman to throw off the yoke of societal oppression in exchange for obligations of her own choosing, in service to what she perceives as her own psychological and biological needs.

I’m a huge fan of women, frankly. I want them to succeed and grow better, stronger, smarter, and happier according to their abilities and desires.

I’m just not a fan of lies, or of lying. I don’t think some facts can be wished or ignored away. And I think any attempt to repress or damage one sex in order to enact artificial counter-measures to serve the other sex is a huge exercise in idiocy.

Marlenus can physically conquer and emotionally enslave Verna. But he loves her too much to take her freedom away.

The Gorean High Cities are full of Gorean men who similarly love their Free Companions and wouldn’t ever subject them to the bonds of slavery.

The Gorean High Cities are also full of women who have chosen, or whom circumstances have compelled, to accept a life of female service to men… and especially to the men they love.

Goreans just don’t understand the concept of a “war between the sexes.” Because they know how incredibly stupid that would be.

I feel the same. Let women be great and magnificent and fantastic. Let them be the best women they can naturally be.

Just so long as I’m not forced to accept a load of pretence about what is automatically owed to anyone.

Nothing is automatically owed to anyone. Everything should be earned, or deserved.

That’s a Gorean truism.

How does this all fit into the Gorean ethos?

Well… most girls can’t beat me at armwrestling.

Trust me: they can’t. I bench press close to three hundred pounds. That’s not a brag; just a fact. And I’m no power lifter.

So, if they were to tell me that I must pretend I am weaker than them… I refuse to buy into it.

If they accuse me of being a male chauvinist pig because I will not allow them to beat me at armwrestling– I still won’t.

If they lobby Congress and pass a law that says I must allow them to beat me at armwrestling or else go to jail– I’m going to jail.

Because for me to do otherwise would be a lie. Period. And such lies are the antithesis of Gorean existence.

We live in a patriarchal society because all recorded societies since the advent of written records have been patriarchal. Because patriarchal societies are those based upon rule and social maintenance by a warrior upper class. There have been societies in which women ran things– but always with the cooperation of, and according to the strict acceptance of, the males. Societies wherein the warrior males were not happy with females in positions of authority did not have females in those positions for long.

But men will do a lot of things for women. Because we like women. We love our mothers, typically, very much. We don’t usually want bad things to happen to our sisters, either.

Gorean men are no different.

They KILL men who come from other cities to injure and abduct their women. Instantly, and without hesitation.

But the direct control that women have over their position in society is directly based upon how much control they are allowed to have, by the men of their society. Laws to protect and defend women are passed by a 90% male Congress only with the support and final vote of the majority males in that body– in ALL such bodies. Those laws are then enforced by a police force that is comprised of 90% men. In a society where the active, on-the-ground fighting military is– you guessed it– overwhelmingly made up of men.

If there were a war between the sexes, women would not win.

In order to coexist effectively with the men in this world, the women in this world must gain the confidence, the support, and the affection of their men. Or to put it in Gorean terminology– they must be pleasing.

Men are quite willing to take part in this process, I add. Because at its heart, human sexual selection is still based upon female choice at the involuntary biological level. Women choose men, and men compete for women.

None of this is a mystery. Nor can it be reasonably denied.

So if someone tells me that I’ve got it all wrong– that there is some invisible power in the sky, or whatever, that wishes for me to pretend that there is actually no difference between men and women, and that I must subscribe to a farcical belief in universal “identicality”– I refuse to do so.

Because Goreans don’t buy into that. All of the TV commercials and Public Service Announcements and oddly-skewed procedural laws and ordinances in the world can’t force me to believe what I know to be false.

Sorry, gender-feminists. I won’t step into that cage. And you can’t make me.

But there’s a lot of misinterpretation of Gorean Philosophy going on out there. Some people just can’t get past the whips and chains, I suppose. I wonder how any of them ever managed to sit through an episode of the HBO series “Rome” without fainting dead away.

The Gorean Ethos is NOT about “abusing” someone, or “misusing” someone.

It’s about people and things being put to their PROPER use. Fulfilling their ultimate potential.

The object of Gorean Philosophy isn’t to enable weak men to step on the necks of their women and crush them into the dirt.

The object of Gorean Philosophy is to allow strong men to be just as powerful and capable as they can be, without artificial limitations, so that their women will willingly and joyfully serve and help them, and exult in being the unrestrained focus of their love.

Don’t our critics pay attention to the endings of the various Gor books at all?

When the self-submitted slave at the end of a Gor book expresses the depths of her love for her paramour, and he threatens to free her– why does she refuse? Well… why would she WANT to be let go, or have his hold on her lessened or diminished?

Other such girls ARE given freedom, and happily accept it, because it is a necessary ingredient for them to be who and what THEY are in relation to their Man.

Others are held in the strictest love bondage, so they might flourish in their own best way.

This is the freedom of the heart– the ultimate expression of ones innermost sexual and biological yearnings. It is love and devotion between the male and the female taken to the point of ownership.

That’s what Gor is all about. Men being allowed to be what they are, and women being given the same opportunity, unfettered by artificial conventions or counter-instinctual dogmas.

I wish you well,


Copyright © 2006, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, _Marcus_ of Ar. All rights reserved.

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