Kajira Slave Rules – A Guide

Here are some of the principles that should rule a Gorean Kajira inspired in a list published by Sola Vagus on Facebook.

I’ll review and update as more suggestions/comments are received, so send me your feedback!

  1. A kajira will worship her Master.
  2. A kajira’s body, mind and soul is the property of her Master.
  3. A kajira will serve, obey and please her Master, as he desires.
  4. A kajira will always kneel when first greeting her Master.
  5. A kajira will wear her collar with pride for it signifies his ownership and her devotion to her Master.
  6. A kajira will wear the chains her Master gives her, as a symbol of her position in life, that of bondage to her Master. She will wear them either around her neck, her wrist, her ankle or her waist, when required.  
  7. A kajira will satisfy all her Master’s needs and desires to the best of her abilities.
  8. A kajira will worship her Master’s whip.
  9. A kajira will have to earn her pleasure from her Master.
  10. A kajira will trust her Master in his responsibilities, his skills, his hunger and needs and his concerns for her safety, her emotional, psychological, social, sexual and physical health.
  11. A kajira will draw strength from just thinking of her Master and hearing his voice.
  12. A kajira will ask her Master for permission to satisfy her needs before acting upon them.
  13. A kajira will not hesitate when responding to her Master, her focus is important to her growth.
  14. A kajira is always in submission to her Master, whether he is present or not.
  15. A kajira is always ready to please her Master anytime, any place or under any circumstances.
  16. A kajira’s choice will be based upon whether it pleases her Master.
  17. A kajira not in the presence of her Master, if she has a choice to make, will perform to the best of  her abilities and within the boundaries her Master has given her.
  18. A kajira will never look into the eyes of her Master without his permission.
  19. A kajira’s eyes must be cast down unless given permission by her Master.
  20. A kajira’s head must be bowed down unless given permission by her Master.
  21. A kajira must wear revealing and sexy clothing around her Master, unless given permission to do otherwise by her Master.
  22. A kajira must never be concerned how much flesh is showing in private or in public.
  23. A kajira’s basic attire in presence of her Master consists of her collar and to be barefoot.
  24. A kajira must remove her clothing in the way her Master has taught her, regardless who is present.
  25. A kajira must fold  her clothes and place neatly in front of her after removing them.
  26. A kajira’s legs, underarms and pussy must be completely shaved smooth.
  27. A kajira’s hair must be kept in a manner that is ravishing also that her shoulders and the nape of her neck are exposed, especially when naked.
  28. A kajira’s body must be thoroughly cleaned and of good aroma, especially before serving her Master.
  29. A kajira not in use by her Master will go to a place selected by her Master until she is needed again.
  30. A kajira will immediately become silent when her Master speaks, she must ask for permission to speak and only when granted she may speak.
  31. A kajira will learn all the positions that her Master teaches her and will take such positions when required and to display herself in a manner that pleases her Master and others who may be present.
  32. A kajira must confess to her Master when she has been naughty, so that he may decide if such violation requires discipline or punishment.
  33. A kajira has no limits, it’s up to her Master how far she has to go.
  34. A kajira must learn in order to become a well trained and well behaved slave.
  35. A kajira will learn through discipline and punishment on how to behave.
  36. A kajira will not think herself a weak person, as it takes a strong female to commit, to serve, to obey and to please her Master.
  37. A kajira must never show disrespect towards her Master in any way, whether in his presence or not.
  38. A kajira must put her Master’s needs before her own for they present an opportunity to please her Master.
  39. A kajira must be attentive to the needs of her Master and must always be ready to respond in ways she has developed to please her Master.
  40. A kajira must respond fully both emotional, verbal and physically to her Master at all times. The expressions of her emotions and physical responses are important to her Master.

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