The City-State – City Districts

This is part of the work on the City-State Organisation in Gor

Certain sections of the city make up specific districts or neighbourhoods. These areas are often united by common businesses or types of neighbourhoods. Two common districts that exist in many cities are the Street of Brands and the Street of Coins.

Despite being known as “streets” these most often refer to an entire district.

The Street of Brands is the merchant area concerned with the institution of slavery. Slaves, slavery equipment and any other slavery related item can be obtained in this district.

The Street of Coins is the district where various forms of banking occur such as money changing and loans.

Other districts might be residential areas, maybe very poor areas or very rich ones. Cities sometimes have rather markedly different districts very close to one another.

For instance, some expensive paga taverns may be near an area of sleazy insulae and tarsk-bit brothels. 

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