The City-State – Home Stone

This is part of the work on the City-State Organisation in Gor

The heart and soul of each city is its Home Stone, a concept that is said to be difficult for those of Earth to fully comprehend. The closest analogue on Earth would be a country’s flag though that analogy is lacking in many respects. In simplest terms, a Home Stone is a stone. It can be any type of stone, of any size, shape, color and material. It can be very plain, intricately carved or even adorned with rare gems. 

“How does a city obtain a Home Stone?” I asked. “Men decide that she shall have one.” Said Tab. “Yes,” I said, “that is how it is that a city obtains a Home Stone.”(Raiders of Gor, p.251)

Some cities, like Ar, have ancient Home Stones while others, such as Port Kar, have only possessed their Home Stone for maybe twenty years. A city’s Home Stone is most commonly kept at the top of the highest cylinder in the city, though it will be well defended. A city can not be completely destroyed if its Home Stone still survives. When the Priest-Kings destroyed Ko-ro-ba, Matthew Cabot retained the Home Stone so the city actually still survived and could later be rebuilt. The theft of a Home Stone is considered a great glory as it will ruin an enemy city. 

Goreans devote intense loyalty to their Home Stone. They support and defend those who share that Home Stone with them. Even rivals and enemies who share a Home Stone would work together against any threat to that Home Stone. 

“Yet for these stones, and on account of these stones, these seemingly inauspicious, simple objects, cities have been built, and burned, armies have clashed, strong men have wept, empires have risen and fallen.”

Magicians of Gor, p.485

Goreans stand when they discuss their Home Stone because it is considered an issue of honor. If a man failed to stand, he might even be killed for his offense. 

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