Where are Goreans and how do they live their life?

Tal everyone,

I’m trying to build this blog in an organized and structured way in order to help everyone who wants to learn more about Gorean Lifestyle and Philosophy by providing focused information regarding the topics most often questioned.

Nevertheless, I decided to open this new area, just to share some random thoughts and ideas whenever they pop to my mind, with no particular order or agenda, just to share them and get your feedback!

One of my latest thoughts is to start gathering informations about all the different Gorean communities/groups that exist around the world and how they live.

Being a Philosophy on which a Lifestyle is based and not a strict set of rules, Gorean Lifestyle inherently comes in a variety of “flavours” considering each group applies the Gorean Principles in the way they see it’s more appropriate to their reality.

I’ve met groups of people that live the Philosophy in a more literal way, following most of the principles quite literally and including many of the “customs” in their daily life, while others use the Gorean Principles to guide their life, but do not actively implement most of the “by the book” practices, like using all the specific positions, ways to act, etc…

Of course there are immense variables at stake and that makes each situation unique. Some live alone while others have already families and kids living with them that restrict the way they act. Some live in a setting that allows the kajira to focus exclusively on her chores and serving her Master while others live in situations that while being Master and kajira, both have to work in order to provide the families needs, some kajirae have a professional life that implies they have to command men at work, etc. etc.

While personally I have my own approach on the Lifestyle, I would love to get to know how you tackle the challenge of living the Gorean way in a society that so clearly contradicts our Natural Order!

So I thank you in advance for your comments and contributions (either here on the post or directly to me) that will surely enrich future posts and help us all to learn from each other!

I wish you well and may your water bags be never empty!

©2020 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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