Divine and Adored Master Phoenix

Please feel me, this sweet surrender, kneeling at Your feet, glowing with desire and need to serve You, to fulfill the purpose of my existence, as Your kajira, slave, servant, and priestess…

My soul belongs to You, my body bows in absolute devotion, as I pray and offer my essence to You, with this overwhelmingly delicious feeling of blooming and belonging, indelibly Yours, always Yours, Yours for eternity…

My heart beats strongly in my chest, intensifying the emotion, honor and pride I feel of belonging to You, while I shiver with lust, with glow, with the need to feel Your strength, control and dominion, over this body that oozes with desire to feel You, the One who owns me.

I am the luckiest kajira in the Multiverse for being Your property, fulfilled with pride of my Divine and Supreme Master, whose Mastery sublimates this devoted female.

Master of my life, I kneel and patiently long for Your touch, my safe haven, my home.

I worship You, kissing and licking Your feet, surrendered and devoted, body and soul in the place where I belong….

Master Phoenix, I am Yours, absolutely Yours!

Cythe of Phoenix

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