The City-State – Caste System

This is part of the work on the City-State Organisation in Gor

Each city has its own Caste system in place and each Caste is tied to one’s Home Stone. Unless you are an Assassin, you cannot have a Caste unless you belong to a Home Stone. There are no worldwide Castes on Gor. The Warrior Caste of Ar is separate from the Warrior Caste of Ko-ro-ba, the Scribe Caste of Turia is separate from the Scribe Caste of Treve.

Each Caste in a city is governed by its own High Council, possesses its own Caste Code and has its own training and/or apprentice program. Though such matters are likely very similar from city to city, there will be some differences as well. Almost the only time that the Castes of different cities meet to discuss general Caste matters is at the four Sardar Fairs.

At the Fairs, Caste members of different cities will often meet to share information. This is especially true of those Castes that invent items such as the Physician and Builder Castes. The Scribe Caste also meets at these Fairs and often try to pass rules of standardisation but they are mostly rejected. 

“I have little doubt but what the caste structure contributes considerably to the stability of Gorean society. Among other things it reduces competitive chaos, social and economic, and prevents the draining of intelligence and ambition into a small number of envied, prestigious occupations.” 

Fighting Slave of Gor, p.211

The Caste system has a vital role in the proper functioning of a Gorean city. One’s Caste is much more than simply one’s profession. Your Caste provides certain privilieges as well sich as Caste Sanctuary or charity. Your social life often revolves around your Caste as well.

Caste members become very close to each other and the welfare of the Caste takes priority over the individual ambitions of its members. This sense of loyalty is very strong, nearly as strong as one’s loyalty to one’s Home Stone. 

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