Phoenix Reborn

Tal everyone,

After having everything turned upside down by the chaos that ensued the COVID19 pandemic and having to relocate cross-country and almost entirely rebuild life, the project of writing a blog that would compile information about the Gorean Lifestyle (primarily focused in gathering the knowledge from the books already scattered through the Web and the result of studying the entire collection of books from John Norman/John Lange) with my personal perspective and thoughts on how to effectively live in accordance with the Gorean Philosophy inevitably took the hit and ended up getting stalled.

As time went by, it grew harder and harder to sit down and effectively continue this work, so days grew into weeks and months with no perspective of change in the horizon.

Although continuing to live in accordance with the Gorean Lifestyle and striving to improve the knowledge about the Gorean Philosophy, restarting the work to share information and thoughts was nowhere in the horizon until quite recently my kajira showed me some comments in a Gorean Group mentioning this blog and how some people considered it a wonderful source of information.

The exchange of messages with several people after that post forced me to face that despite all the reasons that can be invoked to justify not being able to continue writing, none of them withstood the arguments presented and I decided to effectively resume the writing and sharing of information.

This is a Blog created to help others and share information with the community, so PLEASE send me your feedback, comments and ideas! Let me know if you have any topic that you consider would be a good addition to the Blog (either to answer questions you have or just to make the available information more complete). The feedback from the community (either through comments or direct messages, as you prefer) will be paramount in ensuring that the purpose of this Blog is being fulfilled and in showing that it effectively is helping people around the world in their path of self-discovery and getting to learn more about the Natural Order and the Gorean Lifestyle.

As the mythological Phoenix is reborn from its ashes, it’s my intention to bring the work being done through this Blog back to life and I count on every one of the interested readers to contribute in that effort! I have already a couple texts that are being drafted and after that, will try to follow the feedback and questions from the community to choose the next topics!

I wish you well!

©2022 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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