Why is it difficult to get people into the Gorean Lifestyle?

Tal everyone,

I recently saw a post in a Gorean Group with the question of why is it so hard to get people into this lifestyle.

In my personal perspective this is a complex question that requires a multi-layered approach.

Trying to answer as directly as possible, we can focus this analysis on 2 levels, in first place the global mindset of our current society is totally contrary to the concept of “Natural Order”, focusing on everyone’s rights and making me think about the “Sames” depicted in Book 17 – Savages of GOR, with their numb way of life contradicting their nature.

In second place, commonly even those that allegedly follow the Gorean Philosophy know little about it. Many times I see people claiming to be Goreans and in fact just using GOR as a cover to exercise their own fantasies and fetiches (not always healthy ones), many times with dreadful consequences to the perception the world has of what it is to be Gorean and what this involves! It is amazing how many people claim to be Gorean without even having read the books (let alone effectively studying them and interpreting the message, the concepts and the principles behind the stories).

If there is little we can do regarding the first point, I believe that regarding the second point it is the duty of every person that knows the Gorean Philosophy to effectively study what it is and to help in all ways possible to share this information with the world and the general society.

I truly believe that the combined effort of all of us can help to spread the word about the Philosophy and the Lifestyle (that although strongly connected are in fact different things) and help more people discover that this is the path for true fulfillment in accordance with the Natural Order.

I wish you well!

©2022 – Written by Azrael Phoenix

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