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And Book 37 has finally arrived!

Tal everyone, Just received the latest Book of the Gorean Saga ordered from Amazon and couldn’t help but share this moment! Looking forward to start reading it in the next weeks and adding it to the library collection!!! Anyone else out there already has… Continue Reading “And Book 37 has finally arrived!”

New Book – Warriors of GOR

Tal everyone, For those of you that like me have been eagerly awaiting the next volume of the Saga, it is scheduled to be launched on August 30th 2022: The Saga of Gor continues as Tarl Cabot attempts to save a beautiful prisoner from… Continue Reading “New Book – Warriors of GOR”

Why is it difficult to get people into the Gorean Lifestyle?

Trying to answer as directly as possible, we can focus this analysis on 2 levels, in first place the global mindset of our current society is totally contrary to the concept of “Natural Order”, focusing on everyone’s rights and making me think about the “Sames” depicted in Book 17 – Savages of GOR, with their numb way of life contradicting their nature.

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